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This project is on hold.

or MARIA'S MANSION for short is a horror-themed visual novel with point and click mechanics, that lets you explore the whole mansion to meet and get close with cute undead girls.

Despite the horror theme, Maria's Mansion's writing is meant to be cute and lighthearted that focuses on each of the girls' personality and their interactions with you, the protagonist.

This demo is still a really early build, and is more of a proof of concept. There's currently only one girl present with a small portion of her story  and a small part of the mansion that's explorable. 

Average playtime: 30 minutes.



If you liked this demo and would like to see the full game come to life, consider buying the game or giving donations at Ko-fi

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Everything in this visual novel except the music is made by one person.

Music from: thedarkpiano.com (Most likely just temporary music)

StatusOn hold
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Horror, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Should make a patreon and discord, is there an email or way to contact you for review video?

If you can't just leave it here, you can email me at izumindev@gmail.com

I can't wait for the full VN. im already in love with vivi. keep up the great work :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the demo.

Unfortunately, I'm actually putting this project on hold.  Sorry!

Explanation if you're interested: https://twitter.com/IzuminDev/status/1132977868290396161

Hopefully, you'll like the new idea I'll be doing.

so cute zombie girl!  i loved the game, first time i play visual novel game and i enjoyed it alot! nice illustration both char with animation and background, especially her bod-y--cough cough.. funny conversation too i never get tired of! i tried to dub all text in japanese, if youre interested xD im not best at english tho.. made video in 2 parts. i hope it will bring more ppl for this game thro video! very nice game!

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Thank you very much for playing! I really enjoyed watching your videos. It was really cool to see it dubbed in japanese, as a lot of the writing I did like it's an anime. There were a lot of moments on your dub where I thought "That's exactly how imagined it would be."

It's an honor for my VN to be the first one you played, and I'm glad you liked it. A bit of a shame I can't understand the other things you said aside from the game's dialogue, but I got the gist of most of them from the little japanese I know from watching animes lol.

i thought about how you write as anime! youre really good xD i did some misstake tho, hard to dub exactly when  i dont know what text comming next xD still my first time to dub so forgive me haha. nice work!!

It's all good! I really can only recognize a few japanese words, but your dub sounded convincing enough. It still brings the characters to life and how I envisioned them when I was writing. I really appreciate all the work you put into it. Thank you once again.

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I really enjoyed playing this little demo, the quality of the work you put into this is astounding (I honestly thought it was a big studio releasing a VN demo on itch.io at first glance). I really hope you'll get the funding you need in order to make this game a reality.


Thank you very much for doing a let's play and for your kind words. Watching your video definitely makes me feel like wanting to finish it, but I'm honestly still not sure how I'll do that.

Pretty interesting, seeing you play it actually made me feel like I'm seeing a VN I didn't do myself. Or maybe it's just been a pretty long time since I touched the project.

Also I'm actually a guy lol.

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1. There's always stuff like Patreon/Kickstarter and the other types of crowdfunding websites for larger amounts of money to fund the project over a longer period of time and donators could get some rewards in return, like a wallpaper or something like that (maybe even a physical copy if enough money has been gathered). 

Mangagamer, JAST USA, Sekai Project and other distributers that specialize in visual novels would probably love to publish this or at least help you get it to a full release state.

It has the quality needed to attract people at the very least since you have a playable demo of the project that people can try out, which is already more than a lot of popular kickstarter projects that were successfully funded have *cough* Star Citizen *cough*.

2. It's probably since you're watching someone play it that it feels weird in some way, it always is when you watch someone use something you spent a lot of time on making.

3. Woops, I just made the connection of cute girls =  female artist I guess, my bad.

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Yeah, of course I'm aware of Kickstarter and the VN publishers out there. Besides the funding tho, I'm actually still not sure of the scope of the full game, like how many characters there would be. 
I still mostly did this to test things out and gain experience since it's my first time releasing a VN. I actually was just starting to learn renpy when I started doing this. Good thing it's an easy engine to use.

I do think there should still be more things to show on the demo, like introducing all the characters, before I present it for kickstarter or publishers. I might just work on it a bit more, even though slowly, till there's a clearer picture of what the full game is gonna be. We'll see.

Also I wouldn't blame you for thinking izumin sounds girly tho lol.

I'll be looking forward to future updates to this project then.

I suppose having the common route complete would be better in case you were ever going the kickstarter/patreon route since everyone will be introduced at that point in the story at the very least.

Nice game, it look like the horror visual novel android game created by SEEC. Love it~ :3

I never knew about SEEC. Their games look pretty cool.
Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it tho.

Really liking what I'm seeing so far! If I had to nitpick a bit, I'd say maybe Vivi is a bit *too* much of a tsundere, but that's more of a personal preference. I like the Live2D animations for the sprites, and the point-and-click aspect is always a 'yes' from me. I can't wait to see more of what Maria's Mansion has to offer in the future!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

I think you thinking Vivi is a bit too tsundere is actually good, since the plan is to have girls with different personalities. Each player would decide on their best girl in the end.

Really in love with the visuals and art style o(♥ω♥)o

Although the protagonist is a male, I find the story interesting regardless of the player's gender. I'm looking forward for the full version as I'm excited for the storyline and contents yet to be explore.

p/s: Vivi's butt and boobs are indeed beautiful ufufu


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it.
To be honest, I'm still not sure how I'll be able to finish the full version. It's gonna be a lot of work and I can't imagine having the time for it if there's no funding. Having someone say they like the demo definitely gives motivation though.